Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh nooooooo :)

It's been so long! I have neglected my blog because life, as you all know, is in the way! Fortunately, during this time I have been cooking, eating, and coming up with new ways to entertain myself in the kitchen.

I've also made a change very recently that I hope will further improve my PCOS symptoms. As most of you know when I first started primal eating I lost 25 lbs in a very short period of time. However, I have also struggled to lose any weight since that initial 25. I suspect insulin resistance and my own wavering commitment to primal is behind it. SO -- I am hoping to achieve further results with some changes.

1. I've started a food diary on Livestrong.com so I can track actual carbs
2. I just finished my first week of taking D-Chiro-Inositol, a supplement that had very promising results in a clinical study with insulin resistance
3. I have added a woman's multi vitamin that contains vitex, blue cohosh, manganese, lutein, etc etc etc. I am also committing to taking my fish oil capsules more regularly.

I've been pretty good with my eating but my soda addiction has reared its ugly head once more. I wish soda would be blasted off the face of the earth. It is my Achilles heel in every

sense. However, I have found something that I like drinking almost as much as I like drinking soda.

Cue magic and angels and shyte...

Lindsay's Tea & Lemonade

2 tea bags of flavors you like (I use Wild Berry)
1/3 cu lemon juice or a whole lemon
2 dropper full additions of Stevia
1-2 TB honey (this isn't required but I like the flavor it adds)
A lot of water

You can adjust the servings to get the taste you want and just recently I've been adding a cup of POM Juice. This is refreshing and faaaaar less sugar/carbs than soda obviously. The
lemon adds a nice zing and you can easily adjust it to make it sweeter or less sweet. Since this is a soda replacement I use a lot more Stevia than some people would prefer. You can also zest this up with oranges, lemons, other citrus fruits if you can tolerate fruit. But just the plain tea, lemon, and sweetener approach is surprisingly satisfying. I prefer it iced but you can rock a hot, sweet tea if you like.

Stay tuned for further updates:

A life of a can of pumpkin

And of course, more recipes will continue to come your way as I develop/find/experiment with them. Hope you're all satiated and feeling primal today!