Some recipes to delight and tantalize the senses. I have provided this page as a convenient way to filter and view the recipes I feature in the blog.

Enjoy and here's to your good health!

Egg Muffins
Delicious breakfast egg muffins with lots of delicious options.

Coconut Pancakes
This is an extremely popular breakfast option in our house and very filling. 

N.R.G. Bars
A protein bar packed with healthy fat, protein, and delicious vanilla flavor!

Jam Biscuits
These are an excellent cracker-like biscuit that taste delicious with jam and cream cheese.

Sweet Chai Tea
This Chai tea uses Stevia and cream for a delicious update on a traditional favorite. Starbucks, eat your heart out!

FAT Salad
Delicious ingredients transform this salad into a FAT delight!

Spicy Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes are an excellent alternative to starchy potatoes. They have a very positive impact on blood sugar and with cayenne pepper, are great for circulation. Sub the brown sugar with agave or maple syrup.